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RSS Publisher can create and edit RSS feeds for your website
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RSS Publisher is an amazing program that will enable you to upload your RSS feeds to your website. The program works by downloading an online RSS feed, then it makes a local backup copy of it, before it finally uploads it to your website via the built-in FTP client.

You will be able to add many tasks, each task will posses its own RSS feed, backup, and upload settings. One of the features that are missing in this app is the ability to execute scheduled tasks. Tasks can only be run manually. In addition, you cannot export your tasks, they can only be edited and deleted.

The smart backup function enables you to skip any RSS feed that was not updated, and it optionally can save all old copies of your feeds locally. The integrated FTP client supports both the passive and active modes of connection. Its main function is to upload the RSS feed, but it can also upload an additional image for your feed. The program shows the progress of any running task, plus you can enable the log function, which will help you to trace any occurred errors.

In brief, it's really rare to find a freeware application which has all these features; it's really worth being given a try!

Mark Adeeb
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  • Create and modify existing RSS feeds
  • Built-in upload functionality


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